Some Implementations

October 2017

  • Blockchain Compliance Alliance. Self-proposed new compliance standard for the blockchain ecosystem. (USA, Stealth)

  • Project Transparency by Santiment. A voluntary disclosure standard which aims to bring self governance and greater transparency for investors and the community. 

September 2017

  • A self-regulatory form for disclosing ICO related data, via Form IGF-1. (USA)

  • The Tokens & Exchange Self-Regulating Body. Self-appointed body to educate and protect token investors from financial harm and to ensure that there is a fair and transparent way for exchanges to operate in the trading of digital tokens. (USA)

August 2017

July 2017

  • The ICO Handbook by David Siegel. A step by step guide authored by someone who documented what they actually did, and how they did it. (USA)

  • Token Filings. An attempt by William Mougayar to showcase what a comprehensive directory of ICO related full disclosure data might look like. (Canada) 

June 2017 or prior